Embedded Haptic Device Implementation for Soft Tissue Rendering

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PubDate: May 2020

Teams: Universidad Politecnica;National Polytechnic Institute;Universidad Tecnológica de México

Writers: Humiko Yahaira Hernández Acosta, Alejandro Miranda Cid, Alejandro Tonatiu Velázquez Sánchez, Mario Ramírez Neria & Guillermo Manuel Urriolagoitia Calderón

PDF: Embedded Haptic Device Implementation for Soft Tissue Rendering


In this work, a haptic robotic device and its real-time virtual reality interface, deployed in an embedded computational platform is developed, in order to simulate soft tissue rendering contact forces and effects. A control scheme based on a bilateral tele-operation system is proposed recreating a multimodal interaction between the surgical trainer (operator) and the virtual robot (slave) in force-visual feedback environment. The virtual interaction object was modeled as a restriction in the haptic engine, it was implemented with an orthogonal decomposition of contact forces algorithm, generating two independent dynamics and recreated exponential deformation forces, like ones present during the manipulation of real organic tissue. The proposed model contains the biomechanical properties of a soft tissue (pork liver), characterized in an experimental compression test with an indenter.

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