Detailed wrinkle generation of virtual garments from a single image

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PubDate: September 2020

Teams: Huanghuai University;Zhejiang University;Shandong University of Science and Technology;Karlstad University

Writers: Yuxiang Zhu, Mingmin Zhang, Yanjun Peng & Arsineh Boodaghian Asl

PDF: Detailed wrinkle generation of virtual garments from a single image


The presence of proper wrinkles is important while modeling realistic virtual garments. Unlike previously used full 3D information methods, our approach achieves detailed garment generation from a single image. First, we retrieve a garment image similar to the initial virtual garment based on content-based image retrieval (CBIR) method. Then, we preprocess the image with a combination of human body reshaping, image segmentation and shape recovery, to obtain the 3D wrinkle details. Finally, the garment height are synthesized into the virtual garment. For better suit the posture of the human body, excess garment energy are released to remove the unmatched wrinkles. We apply our method to various styles of virtual garments, and it enable virtual characters in general pose to be dressed in these garments and complete wrinkle generation. Compared with existing garment modeling methods, the experimental results show that the proposed method could quickly capture the realistic wrinkles of virtual garments with less manual operation and achieve more realistic wrinkles for virtual garments.

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