Designing Limitless Path in Virtual Reality Environment

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PubDate: May 2021

Teams: IIIT Hyderabad

Writers: Raghav Mittal, Sai Anirudh Karre, Y. Raghu Reddy

PDF: Designing Limitless Path in Virtual Reality Environment


Walking in a Virtual Environment is a bounded task. It is challenging for a subject to navigate a large virtual environment designed in a limited physical space. External hardware support may be required to achieve such an act in a concise physical area without compromising navigation and virtual scene rendering quality. This paper proposes an algorithmic approach to let a subject navigate a limitless virtual environment within a limited physical space with no additional external hardware support apart from the regular Head-Mounted-Device (HMD) itself. As part of our work, we developed a Virtual Art Gallery as a use-case to validate our algorithm. We conducted a simple user-study to gather feedback from the participants to evaluate the ease of locomotion of the application. The results showed that our algorithm could generate limitless paths of our use-case under predefined conditions and can be extended to other use-cases.

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