Mobile Augmented Reality Framework – MIRAR

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PubDate: June 2018

Teams: University of the Algarve;SPIC – Creative Solutions

Writers: João M. F. RodriguesRicardo J. M. VeigaRoman BajireanuRoberto LamJoão A. R. PereiraJoão D. P. SardoPedro J. S. CardosoPaulo Bica

PDF: Mobile Augmented Reality Framework – MIRAR


The increasing immersion of technology on our daily lives demands for additional investments in various areas, including, as in the present case, the enhancement of museums’ experiences. One of the technologies that improves our relationship with everything that surrounds us is Augmented Reality. This paper presents the architecture of MIRAR, a Mobile Image Recognition based Augmented Reality framework. The MIRAR framework allows the development of a system that uses mobile devices to interact with the museum’s environment, by: (a) recognizing and tracking on-the-fly, on the client side (mobile), museum’s objects, (b) detecting and recognizing where the walls and respective boundaries are localized, as well as (c) do person detection and segmentation. These objects, wall and person segmentation will allow the projection of different contents (text, images, videos, clothes, etc.). Promising results are presented in these topics, nevertheless, some of them are still in a development stage.

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