Mobile Location-Based Augmented Reality Framework

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PubDate: April 2018

Teams: HTW Berlin;Fraunhofer FOKUS

Writers: Simon BurkardFrank Fuchs-KittowskiSebastian HimbergerFabian FischerStefan Pfennigschmidt

PDF: Mobile Location-Based Augmented Reality Framework


GeoAR, or location-based augmented reality, can be used as an innovative representation of location-specific information in diverse applications. However, there are hardly any software development kits (SDKs) that can be effectively used by developers, as important functionality and customisation options are generally missing. This article presents the concept, implementation and example applications of a framework, or GeoAR SDK, that integrates the core functionality of location-based AR and enables developers to implement customised and highly adaptable mobile application with GeoAR.

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