Binocular mobile augmented reality based on stereo camera tracking

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PubDate: October 2016

Teams: Hanyang University;Fraunhofer IGD

Writers: Jungsik Park, Byung-Kuk Seo & Jong-Il Park

PDF: Binocular mobile augmented reality based on stereo camera tracking


Mobile augmented reality (AR) applications have become feasible with the evolution of mobile hardware. For example, the advent of the smartphone allowed implementing real-time mobile AR, which triggered the release of various applications. Recently, rapid development of display technology, especially for stereoscopic displays, has encouraged researches to implement more immersive and realistic AR. In this paper, we present a framework of binocular augmented reality based on stereo camera tracking. Our framework was implemented on a smartphone and supports autostereoscopic display and video see-through display in which a smartphone can be docked. We modified edge-based 3-D object tracking in order to estimate poses of left and right cameras jointly; this guarantees consistent registration across left and right views. Then, virtual contents were overlaid onto camera images using estimated poses, and the augmented stereo images were distorted to be shown through a video see-through display. The feasibility of the proposed framework is shown by experiments and demonstrations.

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