Dual Attention Guided Gaze Target Detection in the Wild

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PubDate: June 2021

Teams: 1Institute of Image Communication and Network Engineering, Shanghai Jiao Tong University
2MoE Key Lab of Artificial Intelligence, AI Institute, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Writers: Fang, Yi and Tang, Jiapeng and Shen, Wang and Shen, Wei and Gu, Xiao and Song, Li and Zhai, Guangtao

PDF: Dual Attention Guided Gaze Target Detection in the Wild


Gaze target detection aims to infer where each person in a scene is looking. Existing works focus on 2D gaze and 2D saliency, but fail to exploit 3D contexts. In this work, we propose a three-stage method to simulate the human gaze inference behavior in 3D space. In the first stage, we introduce a coarse-to-fine strategy to robustly estimate a 3D gaze orientation from the head. The predicted gaze is decomposed into a planar gaze on the image plane and a depthchannel gaze. In the second stage, we develop a Dual Attention Module (DAM), which takes the planar gaze to produce the filed of view and masks interfering objects regulated by depth information according to the depth-channel gaze. In
the third stage, we use the generated dual attention as guidance to perform two sub-tasks: (1) identifying whether the gaze target is inside or out of the image; (2) locating the target if inside. Extensive experiments demonstrate that our approach performs favorably against state-of-the-art methods on GazeFollow and VideoAttentionTarget datasets.

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