Privacy-Preserving Image Features via Adversarial Affine Subspace Embeddings

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PubDate: June 2021

Teams: ETH Zürich;Microsoft

Writers: Mihai Dusmanu Johannes L. Schönberger Sudipta Sinha Marc Pollefeys

PDF: Privacy-Preserving Image Features via Adversarial Affine Subspace Embeddings


Many computer vision systems require users to upload image features to the cloud for processing and storage. These features can be exploited to recover sensitive information about the scene or subjects, e.g., by reconstructing the appearance of the original image. To address this privacy concern, we propose a new privacy-preserving feature representation. The core idea of our work is to drop constraints from each feature descriptor by embedding it within an affine subspace containing the original feature as well as adversarial feature samples. Feature matching on the privacy preserving representation is enabled based on the notion of subspace-to-subspace distance. We experimentally demonstrate the effectiveness of our method and its high practical relevance for the applications of visual localization and mapping as well as face authentication. Compared to the original features, our approach makes it significantly more difficult for an adversary to recover private information.

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