NaviChoker: Augmenting Pressure Sensation via Pneumatic Actuator

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PubDate: May 2021

Teams: Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

Writers: Shogo Yoshida;Haoran Xie;Kazunori Miyata

PDF: NaviChoker: Augmenting Pressure Sensation via Pneumatic Actuator


Many technologies have been developed in recent years to present audiovisual information in new ways, but developing an information presentation interface to convey tactile information is still a challenge. We propose a tactile device using wearable technology that is an all-around pressure presentation system using pneumatic actuators. Specifically, we develop a system in which a choker equipped with a pneumatic actuator is worn around the neck, that applies pressure in any direction to indicate to the user the direction in which to walk and also when to start and stop walking. In this paper, we describe the construction of the device, evaluation experiments, our assessment of the prototype, and future plans for the device.

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