Online and Offline Robot Programming via Augmented Reality Workspaces

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PubDate: Jul 2021

Teams: Idiap Research Institute

Writers: Yong Joon Thoo, Jérémy Maceiras, Philip Abbet, Mattia Racca, Hakan Girgin, Sylvain Calinon

PDF: Online and Offline Robot Programming via Augmented Reality Workspaces


Robot programming methods for industrial robots are time consuming and often require operators to have knowledge in robotics and programming. To reduce costs associated with reprogramming, various interfaces using augmented reality have recently been proposed to provide users with more intuitive means of controlling robots in real-time and programming them without having to code. However, most solutions require the operator to be close to the real robot’s workspace which implies either removing it from the production line or shutting down the whole production line due to safety hazards. We propose a novel augmented reality interface providing the users with the ability to model a virtual representation of a workspace which can be saved and reused to program new tasks or adapt old ones without having to be co-located with the real robot. Similar to previous interfaces, the operators then have the ability to program robot tasks or control the robot in real-time by manipulating a virtual robot. We evaluate the intuitiveness and usability of the proposed interface with a user study where 18 participants programmed a robot manipulator for a disassembly task.

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