A Large-Scale Scene Display System Based on WebGL

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PubDate: May 2019

Teams: Beihang University;Beihang University Qingdao Research Institute

Writers: Wencong Jiang; Yao Li; Yue Qi

PDF: A Large-Scale Scene Display System Based on WebGL


In recent decades, computer vision has been a hot area of computer research while 3D reconstruction is one of the hot topics. With the improvement of 3D reconstruction theory and the rapid development of computer hardware technology, the reconstructed 3D models are enlarging in scale and increasing in complexity. Combining the aerial image of UAV with the 3D reconstruction of sequence images, it is of great value to carry out relevant research on the problem of 3D reconstruction of outdoor scenes. The fast rendering of these large-scale scene models is a challenge. At the same time, with the advancement of the HMTL5 specification, browsers have become more and more powerful, and WebGL has gradually gained support from more and more devices. The 3D rendering of the BS architecture will be the future direction of the rendering engine. The browser does not need to install the client program, which is convenient for users to access and process in any environment. Therefore, the large-scale scene display system based on web architecture is more convenient. In this paper, we designed a real-time display system for large-scale scenes, and studied WebGL based rendering frame techniques.

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