Stereo Extrapolation: View synthesis with multiplane images

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PubDate: March 2021

Teams: Chungbuk National University

Writers: Ahmed Salem; Hatem Ibrahem; Bilel Yagoub; Hyun Soo Kang

PDF: Stereo Extrapolation: View synthesis with multiplane images


We present a solution to the view synthesis problem. This problem has gained a lot of attention recently because of some new applications like augmented and virtual reality. View synthesis means creating novel views for a scene given some known images. In this research, we try to enhance the current methods for stereo baseline magnification. We built our proposed model upon an existing technique that uses the layered representation called multiplane images (MPIs). Our model uses the same representation but we argue that our model can reconstruct better output images using a different mixing technique. Our model can produce more compelling results with less blur and noise.

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