Protocol for Dynamic Load Distribution in Web-Based AR

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PubDate: May 2021

Teams: Cochin University of Science and Technology

Writers: Sahil Athrij; Akul Santhosh; Rajath Jayashankar; Arun Padmanabhan; Sheena Mathew

PDF: Protocol for Dynamic Load Distribution in Web-Based AR


In a Web-based Augmented Reality (AR) application, to achieve an immersive experience we require precise object detection, realistic model rendering, and smooth occlusion in real-time. To achieve these objectives on a device requires heavy computation capabilities unavailable on most mobile devices, this can be solved by using cloud computing but it introduces network latency issues. In this work, we propose a new network protocol named DLDAR (Dynamic Load Distribution in Web-based AR) that facilitates and standardizes methods for dynamic division of compute between client and server based on device and network condition to min-max latency and quality.

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