Real Time Data Communication for Intelligent Extended Reality Applications

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PubDate: July 2020

Teams: Tallinn University of Technology

Writers: Ahmet Köse; Aleksei Tepljakov; Eduard Petlenkov

PDF: Real Time Data Communication for Intelligent Extended Reality Applications


Virtual Reality (VR) is a powerful modern medium. Immersive qualities of VR enables the design of efficient educational, industrial and training solutions. The advent of low-cost head-mounted display (HMD) devices made this technology accessible at large and featured VR with possibilities to monitor interactions and user’s motion. However, due to lack of real-time data communication and collection at present, it is still a challenge to obtain a feedback mechanism related the user’s behavior. This paper addresses an architecture that is designed to implement a feedback mechanism. The architecture consists of a data communication tool, a relevant immersive environment and third party software. The communication tool is used to transmit data with different sample rates in real-time. The feedback mechanism of designed architecture is presented through a number of case studies. A solution for observing the user’s behavior is also presented in this paper with the motivation to complement analysis of performed activities and subjective feedback towards VR based applications.

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