Light-field Projection for Tangible Projection Mapping

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PubDate: August 2021

Teams: The University of Electro-Communications

Writers: Taichi Watanabe;Naoki Hashimoto

PDF: Light-field Projection for Tangible Projection Mapping


In the present study, we propose a novel projection mapping using a 3D light-field image as a light source. In recent years, spatial augmented reality has evolved into dynamic projection mapping that extends the target to moving objects. However, spatial augmented reality causes multiplexing of projection and measurement equipment, which causes various problems, such as increased psychological pressure on users and a reduced production effect. Therefore, based on the concept of stealth projection, which hides the projection device using aerial imaging technology, we propose a dynamic projection mapping method using a 3D light-field image generated in real time according to the position and orientation of the target object. As a result, a simple light-field projector consisting of an LCD panel and a lenticular lens provides projection mapping for moving objects while visually hiding the projection devices.

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