Adaptive Radiometric Compensation on Deforming Surfaces

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PubDate: August 2021

Teams: The University of Electro-Communications

Writers: Kazuma Yoshimura;Naoki Hashimoto

PDF: Adaptive Radiometric Compensation on Deforming Surfaces


In this research, we propose an adaptive radiometric compensation method, which uses only a projector and a camera, on continuously deforming projection surfaces. Radiometric compensation has been widely studied as a technique for making various objects usable as screens, by canceling out the influence of the color and pattern of the projection target. However, since it is necessary to continuously maintain the inter-pixel correspondence between a projector and a camera, to date, the projection target has been limited to stationary objects. Therefore, we propose a method to estimate the inter-pixel correspondence in real-time, using only a normal projector and camera. The method expands the scope of application of projection mapping greatly, by applying radiometric compensation to deforming clothes, and making them available as screens.

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