Multiscale Sensor Fusion for Display-Centered Head Tracking

Note: We don't have the ability to review paper

PubDate: May 2021

Teams: NC State University

Writers: Tianyu Wu; Benjamin Watson

PDF: Multiscale Sensor Fusion for Display-Centered Head Tracking


Emerging display usage scenarios require head tracking both at short (<; 1m) and modest (<; 3m) ranges. Yet it is difficult to find low-cost, unobtrusive tracking solutions that remain accurate across this range. By combining multiple head tracking solutions, we can mitigate the weaknesses of one solution with the strengths of another and improve head tracking overall. We built such a combination of two widely available and low-cost trackers, a Tobii Eye Tracker and a Kinect. The resulting system is more effective than Kinect at short range, and than the Tobii at a more distant range. In this paper, we discuss how we accomplish this sensor fusion and compare our combined system to an existing mechanical tracker to evaluate its accuracy across its combined range.

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