Ultrahigh-definition volumetric light field projection

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PubDate: Aug 2021

Teams: Seoul National University

Writers: Youngjin Jo, Kiseung Bang, Dongheon Yoo, Byounghyo Lee, and Byoungho Lee

PDF: Ultrahigh-definition volumetric light field projection


We introduce a projection-type light field display featuring effective light modulation. By combining a tomographic display with integral imaging (InIm) technology, a novel optical design is capable of an autostereoscopic light field projector. Here, the tomographic approach generates a high-resolution volumetric scene, and InIm makes it possible for the volumetric scene to be reconstructed on a large screen through a projection. Since all the processes are realized optically without digital processing, our system can overcome the performance limitations associated with the number of pixels in the conventional InIm displays. We built a prototype display and demonstrated that our optical design has the potential of massive resolution with a full-parallax in a single device.

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