Robust High-Level Video Stabilization for Effective AR Telementoring

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PubDate: August 2019

Teams: Purdue University;Indiana University School of Medicine;Naval Medical Center Portsmouth

Writers: Chengyuan Lin; Edgar Rojas-Muñoz; Maria Eugenia Cabrera; Natalia Sanchez-Tamayo; Daniel Andersen; Voicu Popescu;Juan Antonio Barragan Noguera;Ben Zarzaur;Pat Murphy;Kathryn Anderson;Thomas Douglas;Clare Griffis;Juan Wachs

PDF: Robust High-Level Video Stabilization for Effective AR Telementoring


This poster presents the design, implementation, and evaluation of a method for robust high-level stabilization of mentees first-person video in augmented reality (AR) telementoring. This video is captured by the front-facing built-in camera of an AR headset and stabilized by rendering from a stationary view a planar proxy of the workspace projectively texture mapped with the video feed. The result is stable, complete, up to date, continuous, distortion free, and rendered from the mentee’s default viewpoint. The stabilization method was evaluated in two user studies, in the context of number matching and for cricothyroidotomy training, respectively. Both showed a significant advantage of our method compared with unstabilized visualization.

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