The Action Consistency of Casting in Virtual Environment

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PubDate: July 2021

Teams: East China Jiaotong University; Xiamen University

Writers: Guoliang Luo; Zewei Guan; Guoming Xiong; Qiang Chen; Meihua Xiao; Shihui Guo

PDF: The Action Consistency of Casting in Virtual Environment


Interactive techniques in Virtual Reality (VR) is rapidly developing in the recent years. However, the consistency of the interaction activities in VR and real-world remains a subject to be further studied. In this work, we study the consistency of casting action between VR and real-world. In our experiments, we let participants cast a ball to a walking human virtual agent, which is driven by a motion capture system in the virtual environment. By comparing to the casting accuracy in real-world, we found that the participants’ performance under various of the experimental configurations is consistently reduced in VR. We also found that the moving `speed’ factor of the casting target barely affected the accuracy in VR, which was different in the real-world environment. This study will provide an important experimental reference to develop future VR systems based on casting actions.

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