RadioWeaves for Extreme Spatial Multiplexing in Indoor Environments

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PubDate: Nov 2021

Teams: Link ¨oping University

Writers: Unnikrishnan Kunnath Ganesan, Emil Björnson, Erik G. Larsson

PDF: RadioWeaves for Extreme Spatial Multiplexing in Indoor Environments


With the advances in virtual and augmented reality, gaming applications, and entertainment, certain indoor scenarios will require vastly higher capacity than what can be delivered by 5G. In this paper, we focus on massive MIMO for indoor environments. We provide a case study of the distributed deployment of the antenna elements over the walls of a room and not restricting the antenna separation to be half the wavelength. This is a new paradigm of massive MIMO antenna deployment, introduced under the name RadioWeaves. We investigate different antenna deployment scenarios in line of sight communication. We observe that the RadioWeaves deployment can spatially separate users much better than a conventional co-located deployment, which outweighs the losses caused by grating lobes and thus saves a lot on transmit power. Through simulations, we show that the RadioWeaves technology can provide high rates to multiple users by spending very little power at the transmitter compared to a co-located deployment.

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