Force-Based Foot Gesture Navigation in Virtual Reality

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PubDate: December 2021

Teams: Monash University; University of South Australia;University of Canterbury

Writers: Siyi Liu;Gun Lee;Yi Li;Thammathip Piumsomboon;Barrett Ens

PDF: Force-Based Foot Gesture Navigation in Virtual Reality


Navigation is a primary interaction in virtual reality. Previous research has explored different forms of artificial locomotion techniques for navigation, including hand gestures and body motions. However, few studies have investigated force-based foot gestures as a locomotion technique. We present three force-based foot gestures (Foot Fly, Foot Step and Foot Teleportation) for navigation in a virtual environment, relying on surface electromyography sensors readings from leg muscles. A pilot study comparing our techniques with controller-based techniques indicates that force-based foot gestures can provide a fun and engaging alternative. Of all six input techniques evaluated, Foot Fly was often most preferred despite requiring more exertion than the Controller Fly technique.

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