Online Continual Learning for Embedded Devices

Note: We don't have the ability to review paper

PubDate: Mar 2022

Teams: Rochester Institute of Technology;Cornell Tech

Writers: Tyler L. Hayes, Christopher Kanan

PDF: Online Continual Learning for Embedded Devices


Real-time on-device continual learning is needed for new applications such as home robots, user personalization on smartphones, and augmented/virtual reality headsets. However, this setting poses unique challenges: embedded devices have limited memory and compute capacity and conventional machine learning models suffer from catastrophic forgetting when updated on non-stationary data streams. While several online continual learning models have been developed, their effectiveness for embedded applications has not been rigorously studied. In this paper, we first identify criteria that online continual learners must meet to effectively perform real-time, on-device learning. We then study the efficacy of several online continual learning methods when used with mobile neural networks. We measure their performance, memory usage, compute requirements, and ability to generalize to out-of-domain inputs.

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