Winding System for Fishing Simulator with Real Rod

Note: We don't have the ability to review paper

PubDate: November 2021

Teams: Kyoto Sangyo University

Writers: Yoshimichi Honda; Arata Kawamura

PDF: Winding System for Fishing Simulator with Real Rod


To enjoy fishing indoors, we study a hardware-type fishing simulator that employs a real fishing rod. In this paper, as the first step of our research, we develop a pull force acquisition system and a winding system that consists of a motor, reel, and controller. The pull force acquisition system obtains an actual fish pull force. The time variation of the pull force represents the pull pattern of the fish. We show that the winding system can reproduce a pull pattern similar to the original pull pattern obtained at the pull force acquisition system. A lot of pull pattern of fish has to be acquired to represent a specific pull pattern to the fish species. It is inefficient to obtain them with fieldwork. We use a variational auto encoder (VAE) to generate multiple pull patterns similar to the original pull pattern. Here we assume that the fish species-specific pull pattern maintains its rough shape of movements. Simulation results showed that VAE generated multiple pull patterns roughly maintaining the original shape.

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