SkyPort: Investigating 3D Teleportation Methods in Virtual Environments

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PubDate: April 2022

Teams: Technical University of Darmstadt;LMU Munich

Writers: Andrii Matviienko;Florian Müller;Martin Schmitz;Marco Fendrich;Max Mühlhäuser

PDF: SkyPort: Investigating 3D Teleportation Methods in Virtual Environments


Teleportation has become the de facto standard of locomotion in Virtual Reality (VR) environments. However, teleportation with parabolic and linear target aiming methods is restricted to horizontal 2D planes and it is unknown how they transfer to the 3D space. In this paper, we propose six 3D teleportation methods in virtual environments based on the combination of two existing aiming methods (linear and parabolic) and three types of transitioning to a target (instant, interpolated and continuous). To investigate the performance of the proposed teleportation methods, we conducted a controlled lab experiment (N = 24) with a mid-air coin collection task to assess accuracy, efficiency and VR sickness. We discovered that the linear aiming method leads to faster and more accurate target selection. Moreover, a combination of linear aiming and instant transitioning leads to the highest efficiency and accuracy without increasing VR sickness.

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