Analysis and Evaluation of Application Technology of Smart Transportation System

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Teams: Wuhan University

Writers: Bokang Li

PDF: Analysis and Evaluation of Application Technology of Smart Transportation System


Smart transportation is a further development of the concept of intelligent transportation. It collects traffic information through high technology methods, conducts a large amount of data mining and model construction, to realize the systematic, real-time, and interactive characteristics of the system. There are many cutting-edge technologies that need to be used in the development and construction of smart transportation systems. The application of the Internet and block chain technology makes sure that the smart transportation system is equipped with enough safety and convenience. Big data and virtual reality technology can incorporate the experience of passers-by into the design of the transportation system. Artificial intelligence and building information modeling technology make the construction and operation of the transportation system a project that can be visually observed and predicted. With the integrating of these multiple key technologies to gradually build a complete smart transportation construction and management system, analyzing the causes of traffic problems, and moreover, providing reliable analysis results used in all aspects of transportation decision-making and citizen service, these applications will generate huge social value and economic benefits. This paper analyzes the technical characteristics, application status and development trend of intelligent transportation system construction. The main technical features of the intelligent transportation system are comprehensive perception, multi-faceted information fusion computing and intelligent decision. From a technical point of view, the comprehensive application of these technologies in the future may be reflected in the establishment of a holographic perception system and an online deduction system for reproducing and predicting traffic scenes in complex environments. At the same time, the building of a personalized smart travel service system, and the creation of smart road operations for the future of autonomous driving are also key areas for the development of smart transportation systems.

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