Towards a Robust New Radio Compatible With XR

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PubDate: January 2022

Teams: ZTE Corperation

Writers: Yuzhou Hu; Jiajun Xu; Xiaoying Ma; Mengzhu Chen; Hong Tang; Jun Xu

PDF: Towards a Robust New Radio Compatible With XR


Extended Reality (XR), an umbrella abbreviation for Cloud Gaming/Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality, is supposed to deliver the commercial outlook for 5G networks. This paper discusses the challenges incurred by this service due to its inherent stringent requirements from a data rate, reliability and latency perspective. To address the challenges, a novel priority-based adaptive preemption/cancellation strategy is proposed to guarantee the new radio quality of service under both the multi-streams XR service and XR in concurrent transmission with other services scenarios. Simulation results demonstrate that a scheduler devised based on the principle of the proposed strategy is quite useful from a capacity perspective. In the meantime, a synthesis of the industrial consideration and vision is provided featuring the ongoing the 3rd Group Partnership Project Release-17 XR study item.

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