Volumetric Head-Mounted Display With Locally Adaptive Focal Blocks

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PubDate: July 2020

Teams: Seoul National University;Stanford University

Writers: Dongheon Yoo; Seungjae Lee; Youngjin Jo; Jaebum Cho; Suyeon Choi; Byoungho Lee

PDF: Volumetric Head-Mounted Display With Locally Adaptive Focal Blocks


A commercial head-mounted display (HMD) for virtual reality (VR) presents three-dimensional imagery with a fixed focal distance. The VR HMD with a fixed focus can cause visual discomfort to an observer. In this article, we propose a novel design of a compact VR HMD supporting near-correct focus cues over a wide depth of field (from 18 cm to optical infinity). The proposed HMD consists of a low-resolution binary backlight, a liquid crystal display panel, and focus-tunable lenses. In the proposed system, the backlight locally illuminates the display panel that is floated by the focus-tunable lens at a specific distance. The illumination moment and the focus-tunable lens’ focal power are synchronized to generate focal blocks at the desired distances. The distance of each focal block is determined by depth information of three-dimensional imagery to provide near-correct focus cues. We evaluate the focus cue fidelity of the proposed system considering the fill factor and resolution of the backlight. Finally, we verify the display performance with experimental results.

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