QoS-Aware Multicast for Crowdsourced 360° Live Streaming in SDN Aided NG-EPON

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PubDate: January 2022

Teams: Yuan Ze University;Universitas Klabat

Writers: Elaiyasuriyan Ganesan; Andrew Tanny Liem; I-Shyan Hwang

PDF: QoS-Aware Multicast for Crowdsourced 360° Live Streaming in SDN Aided NG-EPON


The IEEE 802.3ca Task Force group has recently approved the standardization of the next-generation Ethernet passive optical network (NG-EPON) to satisfy future bandwidth demands. NG-EPON architecture classifies the optical network unit (ONU) transmission to allow simultaneous Wavelength-Agile (WA-PON) transmission, which increases the network capacity (50 Gb/s) and flexibility. The recently launched 5G services and related functional standards, new capabilities, and quality of service (QoS) imposed on the optical transport network. The Peer-to-peer (P2P) based live streaming application is the most popular multimedia application in access networks, i.e., Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Twitch, and other streaming and video conferencing services are increasing, especially in global epidemics which requires a higher QoS. Hence, media-based applications require adequate infrastructure resources to meet customer demands such as high bandwidth, low latency, high quality audiovisual, live streaming, and services. Therefore, this paper proposes an SDN enhanced P2P virtual reality (VR) live video streaming application NG-EPON multicast architecture based on 5G-enabled Tactile Internet (TI) and aims to improve the QoS, QoE and provide flexible services to the end-users. Finally, we proposed an SDN-based TI-dynamic wavelength and bandwidth allocation (SD-TI-DWBA) mechanism. Simulation results show that our proposed architecture can improve the system performance and QoS metrics regarding packet delay, jitter, system throughput, and packet loss.

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