Antenna Selection Technology Research in Massive MIMO System

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PubDate: May 2022

Teams: Tongren University;Chengdu University

Writers: Tongcai Wu; Lina Yuan; Anran Zhou

PDF: Antenna Selection Technology Research in Massive MIMO System


The future fifth generation (5G) mobile communication network system will serve home applications other than personal terminal devices such as mobile phones and wearable devices, for instance, smart home, augmented reality, virtual reality, mobile cloud office, and even various industrial service applications, such as telemedicine, automatic traffic driving, smart agriculture, industrial automation and so on. As 5G communication frequency band is gradually determined in various countries, antenna design for 5G communication frequency band is becoming very hot. However, massive multiple-input-multiple-output (MIMO), as one of the critical candidate technologies of 5G, has deployed a huge number of antennas, which can effectively enhance channel capacity and anti-interference ability. This paper concentrates on two kinds of antenna selection techniques: optimal antenna selection technique and antenna selection technique with reduced complexity, and compare and analyze their channel capacity.

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