Multi-objective Optimization of Multi-video Synopsis Based on NSGA-III

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PubDate: Aug 2022

Teams:  Nanjing University of Finance & Economics

Writers: Xiaoxiao Chen; Yujia Xie; Xing Wang

PDFMulti-objective Optimization of Multi-video Synopsis Based on NSGA-III


Multi-video synopsis can display all information of surveillance video and show all sports solution of moving objects in the sight of multi-cameras. However, most of the existing multi-video synopsis can’t achieve these functions. This is because these approaches do not comprehensively consider these factors: video target display timing, maximum target display number, target display consistency, maximum moving target display density, and compression ratio. To address the comprehensive optimization problem of multiple elements for multi-video synopsis, a multi-objective optimization algorithm for multi-video synopsis is proposed. The proposed approach differs significantly from the existing methods and has several appealing properties. First, we propose five objective functions, which are consistent in time sequence, coherent in cross-camera pedestrian display, largest in number of moving objects displayed, smallest in density of moving objects, and smallest in compression ratio, then, establish a multi-objective optimization model based on the five objective functions. Second, we build a model for multi-video synopsis. Third, we use the non-dominated sorting genetic algorithm NSGA-III to optimize the multi-object model of the multi-video synopsis. Through such a solution, the poor performance of multi-video synopsis can be avoided by comprehensively considering the main influencing factors of multi-video synopsis. Besides, we present extensive experiments that demonstrate the effectiveness and efficiency of the proposed approach.

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