Perceptual Control of Food Taste with Projection Mapping

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PubDate: Aug 2022

Teams:  Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

Writers: Masanobu Ohyori; Ryota Takigami; Shogo Yoshida; Yichen Peng; Haoran Xie; Toshiki Sato; Kazunori Miyata

PDFPerceptual Control of Food Taste with Projection Mapping


Spatial augmented reality techniques using projection mapping have been utilized extensively in our daily lives to augment the real world with virtual content, such as restaurant decorations that are intended to increase appetite. Although previous works have indicated that the projected visual effects on the food might change humans’ taste impressions, it is still challenging to provide perceptual control of food taste, which allows apparent taste modifications along with specified projected colors. In this study, we focused on shaved ice for a simplified verification of controlling the food taste through the projection mapping technique. Based on our user study, we verified that the proposed perceptual control is suitable for the taste control of shaved ice with the projected visual effects of different colors.

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