Making Resets away from Targets: POI aware Redirected Walking

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PubDate: Sep 2022

Teams: Tsinghua University;University of Otago

Writers: Sen-Zhe Xu; Tian-Qi Liu; Jia-Hong Liu; Stefanie Zollmann; Song-Hai Zhang

PDF:Making Resets away from Targets: POI aware Redirected Walking


Rapidly developing Redirected Walking (ROW) technologies have enabled VR applications to immerse users in large virtual environments (VE) while actually walking in relatively small physical environments (PE). When an unavoidable collision emerges in a PE, the ROW controller suspends the user’s immersive experience and resets the user to a new direction in PE. Existing ROW methods mainly aim to reduce the number of resets. However, from the perspective of the user experience, when users are about to reach a point of interest (POI) in a VE, reset interruptions are more likely to have an impact on user experience. In this paper, we propose a new ROW method, aiming to keep resets occurring at a longer distance from the virtual target, as well as to reduce the number of resets. Simulation experiments and real user studies demonstrate that our method outperforms state-of-the-art ROW methods in the number of resets and dramatically increases the distance between the reset locations and the virtual targets.

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