Haptic Interactions for Extended Reality

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PubDate: Dec 2022

Teams: Ghent University;KU Leuven

Writers: Yentl Vermeulen, Sam Van Damme, Glenn Van Wallendael, Filip De Turck, Maria Torres Vega

PDF: Haptic Interactions for Extended Reality


This research investigates whether the interaction methods of XR headsets can be improved by using haptic feedback. As a first and most common technique, indirect interactions are considered. Indirect interactions correspond to manipulations of virtual objects from a virtual distance using pre-defined hand gestures. As a second interaction technique, direct interaction (namely DIM) has been implemented where the user manipulates objects by virtually touching these with their hands. A third interaction method extends the previous one with haptic feedback (namely HEDIM). These 3 methods are compared with each other based on objective and subjective user tests, also taking into account financial considerations. This research concludes that the DIM improves upon the standard indirect method. Additionally, it has been observed that haptic feedback could enhance the DIM in specific situations. Nevertheless, when considering the current financial cost, our subjects were not convinced of the small improvements haptic feedback brings.

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