Reconfigurable Data Glove for Reconstructing Physical and Virtual Grasps

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PubDate: Jan 2023

Teams: Beijing Institute for General Artificial Intelligence;UCLA;Peking University;Tsinghua University

Writers: Hangxin Liu, Zeyu Zhang, Ziyuan Jiao, Zhenliang Zhang, Minchen Li, Chenfanfu Jiang, Yixin Zhu, Song-Chun Zhu

PDF: Reconfigurable Data Glove for Reconstructing Physical and Virtual Grasps


We present a reconfigurable data glove design to capture different modes of human hand-object interactions, critical for training embodied AI agents for fine manipulation tasks. Sharing a unified backbone design that reconstructs hand gestures in real-time, our reconfigurable data glove operates in three modes for various downstream tasks with distinct features. In the tactile-sensing mode, the glove system aggregates manipulation force via customized force sensors made from a soft and thin piezoresistive material; this design is to minimize interference during complex hand movements. The Virtual Reality (VR) mode enables real-time interaction in a physically plausible fashion; a caging-based approach is devised to determine stable grasps by detecting collision events. Leveraging a state-of-the-art Finite Element Method (FEM) simulator, the simulation mode collects a fine-grained 4D manipulation event: hand and object motions in 3D space and how the object’s physical properties (e.g., stress, energy) change in accord with the manipulation in time. Of note, this glove system is the first to look into, through high-fidelity simulation, the unobservable physical and causal factors behind manipulation actions. In a series of experiments, we characterize our data glove in terms of individual sensors and the overall system. Specifically, we evaluate the system’s three modes by (i) recording hand gestures and associated forces, (ii) improving manipulation fluency in VR, and (iii) producing realistic simulation effects of various tool uses, respectively. Together, our reconfigurable data glove collects and reconstructs fine-grained human grasp data in both the physical and virtual environments, opening up new avenues to learning manipulation skills for embodied AI agents.

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