Conductor: Intersection-Based Bimanual Pointing in Augmented and Virtual Reality

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PubDate:  November 2022

Teams:  University of Waterloo

Writers:Futian Zhang;Keiko Katsuragawa;Edward Lank

PDF:Conductor: Intersection-Based Bimanual Pointing in Augmented and Virtual Reality


Pointing is an elementary interaction in virtual and augmented reality environments, and, to effectively support selection, techniques must deal with the challenges of occlusion and depth specification. Most of the previous techniques require two explicit steps to handle occlusion. In this paper, we propose Conductor, an intuitive, plane-ray, intersection-based, 3D pointing technique where users leverage bimanual input to control a ray and intersecting plane. Conductor allows users to use the non-dominant hand to adjust the cursor distance on the ray while pointing with the dominant hand. We evaluate Conductor against Raycursor, a state-of-the-art VR pointing technique, and show that Conductor outperforms Raycursor for selection tasks. Given our results, we argue that bimanual selection techniques merit additional exploration to support object selection and placement within virtual environments.

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