Extended Mid-air Ultrasound Haptics for Virtual Reality

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PubDate: Nov 2022

Teams:  LMU Munich;Delft University of Technology;TU Chemnit

Writers: Steeven Villa;Sven Mayer;Jess Hartcher-O’Brien;Albrecht Schmidt;Tonja-Katrin Machulla

PDF:Extended Mid-air Ultrasound Haptics for Virtual Reality


Mid-air haptics allow bare-hand tactile stimulation; however, it has a constrained workspace, making it unsuitable for room-scale haptics. We present a novel approach to rendering mid-air haptic sensations in a large rendering volume by turning a static array into a dynamic array following the user’s hand. We used a 6DOF robot to drive a haptic ultrasound array over a large 3D space. Our system enables rendering room-scale mid-air experiences while preserving bare-hand interaction, thus, providing tangibility for virtual environments. To evaluate our approach, we performed three evaluations. First, we performed a technical system evaluation, showcasing the feasibility of such a system. Next, we conducted three psychophysical experiments, showing that the motion does not affect the user’s perception with high likelihood. Lastly, we explored seven use cases that showcase our system’s potential using a user study. We discuss challenges and opportunities in how large-scale mid-air haptics can contribute toward room-scale haptic feedback. Thus, with our system, we contribute to general haptic mid-air feedback on a large scale.

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