3D Human Mesh Construction Leveraging Wi-Fi

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PubDate: Otc 2022

Teams: Florida State University;Rutgers University

Writers: Yichao Wang, Jie Yang

PDF: 3D Human Mesh Construction Leveraging Wi-Fi


In this paper, we present, Wi-Mesh, a WiFi vision-based 3D human mesh construction system. Our system leverages the advances of WiFi to visualize the shape and deformations of the human body for 3D mesh construction. In particular, it leverages multiple transmitting and receiving antennas on WiFi devices to estimate the two-dimensional angle of arrival (2D AoA) of the WiFi signal reflections to enable WiFi devices to see the physical environment as we humans do. It then extracts only the images of the human body from the physical environment and leverages deep learning models to digitize the extracted human body into a 3D mesh representation. Experimental evaluation under various indoor environments shows that Wi-Mesh achieves an average vertices location error of 2.81cm and joint position error of 2.4cm, which is comparable to the systems that utilize specialized and dedicated hardware. The proposed system has the advantage of re-using the WiFi devices that already exist in the environment for potential mass adoption. It can also work in non-line of sight (NLoS), poor lighting conditions, and baggy clothes, where the camera-based systems do not work well.

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