Evaluation of Hands-free Teleportation in VR

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PubDate: December 2022

Teams: University of Nevada

Writers: Aniruddha Prithul;Jiwan Bhandari;Walker Spurgeon;Eelke Folmer

PDF: Evaluation of Hands-free Teleportation in VR


Teleportation is a popular locomotion technique that allows users to navigate beyond the confines of available tracking space with the smallest chance of inducing VR sickness. Users typically specify a teleportation destination by using a hand-held motion-sensing controller. However, for various reasons, it can be desirable or required to have a hands-free alternative to controller-based teleportation. We evaluate three different hands-free ways of teleporting with users selecting a destination using head gaze and activating teleport using: (1) eye-wink, (2) a mouth gesture, and (3) dwell. A user study with 20 participants compared all three techniques to controller-based teleportation using a waypoint based navigation task. Quantitative and subjective results showed eye-wink is the most viable alternative to using a controller and offered a lower selection error.

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