FSVVD: A Dataset of Full Scene Volumetric Video

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PubDate: Mar 2023

Teams: The Chinese University of Hong Kong;Versee Inc;Peng Cheng Laboratory

Writers: Kaiyuan Hu, Yili Jin, Haowen Yang, Junhua Liu, Fangxin Wang

PDF: FSVVD: A Dataset of Full Scene Volumetric Video


Recent years have witnessed a rapid development of immersive multimedia which bridges the gap between the real world and virtual space. Volumetric videos, as an emerging representative 3D video paradigm that empowers extended reality, stand out to provide unprecedented immersive and interactive video watching experience. Despite the tremendous potential, the research towards 3D volumetric video is still in its infancy, relying on sufficient and complete datasets for further exploration. However, existing related volumetric video datasets mostly only include a single object, lacking details about the scene and the interaction between them. In this paper, we focus on the current most widely used data format, point cloud, and for the first time release a full-scene volumetric video dataset that includes multiple people and their daily activities interacting with the external environments. Comprehensive dataset description and analysis are conducted, with potential usage of this dataset. The dataset and additional tools can be accessed via the following website: this https URL.

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