Simultaneous Color Holography

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PubDate: Mar 2023

Teams: Reality Labs

Writers: Eric Markley, Nathan Matsuda, Florian Schiffers, Oliver Coissart, Grace Kuo

PDF: Simultaneous Color Holography


sacrifice on frame rate by using a sequential illumination scheme or have made use of multiple spatial light modulators (SLM) and/or bulky, complex optical setups. The reduced frame rate of sequential color introduces distracting judder and color fringing in the presence of head motion while the form factor of current simultaneous color systems is incompatible with a head-mounted display. In this work, we propose a framework for simultaneous color holography that allows the use of the full SLM frame rate while maintaining a compact and simple optical setup. State-of-the-art hologram quality is achieved through a perceptual loss function, a physics-based neural network wavefront propagator, and a camera-calibrated forward model. We measurably improve hologram quality compared to other simultaneous color methods and move one step closer to the realization of color holographic displays for AR/VR.

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