Towards a Robust Framework for NeRF Evaluation

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PubDate: May 2023

Teams: University of Bristol

Writers: Adrian Azzarelli, Nantheera Anantrasirichai, David R Bull

PDF: Towards a Robust Framework for NeRF Evaluation


Neural Radiance Field (NeRF) research has attracted significant attention recently, with 3D modelling, virtual/augmented reality, and visual effects driving its application. While current NeRF implementations can produce high quality visual results, there is a conspicuous lack of reliable methods for evaluating them. Conventional image quality assessment methods and analytical metrics (e.g. PSNR, SSIM, LPIPS etc.) only provide approximate indicators of performance since they generalise the ability of the entire NeRF pipeline. Hence, in this paper, we propose a new test framework which isolates the neural rendering network from the NeRF pipeline and then performs a parametric evaluation by training and evaluating the NeRF on an explicit radiance field representation. We also introduce a configurable approach for generating representations specifically for evaluation purposes. This employs ray-casting to transform mesh models into explicit NeRF samples, as well as to “shade” these representations. Combining these two approaches, we demonstrate how different “tasks” (scenes with different visual effects or learning strategies) and types of networks (NeRFs and depth-wise implicit neural representations (INRs)) can be evaluated within this framework. Additionally, we propose a novel metric to measure task complexity of the framework which accounts for the visual parameters and the distribution of the spatial data. Our approach offers the potential to create a comparative objective evaluation framework for NeRF methods.

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