Emotion Evoking Art Exhibition in VR

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PubDate: November 2019

Teams: University of Maryland

Writers: Kyungjin Yoo, Nick Gold

PDF: Emotion Evoking Art Exhibition in VR


Many museums today lack an aspect of technology that will attract younger visitors to visit the art. By implementing Virtual Reality into art museum solves this problem. Virtual Reality is a popular phenomenon that attracts many viewers and is growing every day. Art museums want to express emotion through their art and Virtual Reality can evoke that emotion more. By creating a virtual museum that not only has all the art on display but also is set an outdoor environment such as a garden or a dark forest will further enhance the emotion. If a piece of art is supposed to show warmth or positive feelings, why not place it in a garden? If the art is supposed to show darkness or cold why not place it in a dead forest? Using Virtual Reality allows us to place art in these environments so further museum goal of expressing emotion.