QR-Tag: Angular Measurement and Tracking with a QR-Design Marker

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PubDate: Oct 2023

Teams: University of Science and Technology

Writers: Simeng Qiu, Hadi Amata, Wolfgang Heidrich

PDF: QR-Tag: Angular Measurement and Tracking with a QR-Design Marker


Directional information measurement has many applications in domains such as robotics, virtual and augmented reality, and industrial computer vision. Conventional methods either require pre-calibration or necessitate controlled environments. The state-of-the-art MoireTag approach exploits the Moire effect and QR-design to continuously track the angular shift precisely. However, it is still not a fully QR code design. To overcome the above challenges, we propose a novel snapshot method for discrete angular measurement and tracking with scannable QR-design patterns that are generated by binary structures printed on both sides of a glass plate. The QR codes, resulting from the parallax effect due to the geometry alignment between two layers, can be readily measured as angular information using a phone camera. The simulation results show that the proposed non-contact object tracking framework is computationally efficient with high accuracy.

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