AR Visualization System for Ship Detection and Recognition Based on AI

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PubDate: Nov 2023

Teams:Fudan University;Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications

Writers: Ziqi Ye, Limin Huang, Yongji Wu, Min Hu

PDF: AR Visualization System for Ship Detection and Recognition Based on AI


 Augmented reality technology has been widely used in industrial design interaction, exhibition guide, information retrieval and other fields. The combination of artificial intelligence and augmented reality technology has also become a future development trend. This project is an AR visualization system for ship detection and recognition based on AI, which mainly includes three parts: artificial intelligence module, Unity development module and Hololens2AR module. This project is based on R3Det algorithm to complete the detection and recognition of ships in remote sensing images. The recognition rate of model detection trained on RTX 2080Ti can reach 96%. Then, the 3D model of the ship is obtained by ship categories and information and generated in the virtual scene. At the same time, voice module and UI interaction module are added. Finally, we completed the deployment of the project on Hololens2 through MRTK. The system realizes the fusion of computer vision and augmented reality technology, which maps the results of object detection to the AR field, and makes a brave step toward the future technological trend and intelligent application.

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