Unrolling Virtual Worlds for Immersive Experiences

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PubDate: Dec 2023

Teams: Inworld.AI

Writers: Alexey Tikhonov, Anton Repushko

PDF:Unrolling Virtual Worlds for Immersive Experiences


This research pioneers a method for generating immersive worlds, drawing inspiration from elements of vintage adventure games like Myst and employing modern text-to-image models. We explore the intricate conversion of 2D panoramas into 3D scenes using equirectangular projections, addressing the distortions in perception that occur as observers navigate within the encompassing sphere. Our approach employs a technique similar to “inpainting” to rectify distorted projections, enabling the smooth construction of locally coherent worlds. This provides extensive insight into the interrelation of technology, perception, and experiential reality within human-computer interaction.

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