XRLoc: Accurate UWB Localization to Realize XR Deployments

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PubDate: Dec 2023

Teams:University of California San Diego;Osaka University

Writers:Aditya Arun, Shunsuke Saruwatari, Sureel Shah, Dinesh Bharadia

PDF:XRLoc: Accurate UWB Localization to Realize XR Deployments


 Understanding the location of ultra-wideband (UWB) tag-attached objects and people in the real world is vital to enabling a smooth cyber-physical transition. However, most UWB localization systems today require multiple anchors in the environment, which can be very cumbersome to set up. In this work, we develop XRLoc, providing an accuracy of a few centimeters in many real-world scenarios. This paper will delineate the key ideas which allow us to overcome the fundamental restrictions that plague a single anchor point from localization of a device to within an error of a few centimeters. We deploy a VR chess game using everyday objects as a demo and find that our system achieves 2.4 cm median accuracy and 5.3 cm 90th percentile accuracy in dynamic scenarios, performing at least 8× better than state-of-art localization systems. Additionally, we implement a MAC protocol to furnish these locations for over 10 tags at update rates of 100 Hz, with a localization latency of ∼1 ms.

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