Decoding Fear: Exploring User Experiences in Virtual Reality Horror Games

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PubDate: Dec 2023

Teams:Tsinghua University;KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Writers:He Zhang, Xinyang Li, Christine Qiu, Xinyi Fu

PDF:Decoding Fear: Exploring User Experiences in Virtual Reality Horror Games


This preliminary study investigated user experiences in VR horror games, highlighting fear-triggering and gender-based differences in perception. By utilizing a scientifically validated and specially designed questionnaire, we successfully collected questionnaire data from 23 subjects for an early empirical study of fear induction in a virtual reality gaming environment. The early findings suggest that visual restrictions and ambient sound-enhanced realism may be more effective in intensifying the fear experience. Participants exhibited a tendency to avoid playing alone or during nighttime, underscoring the significant psychological impact of VR horror games. The study also revealed a distinct gender difference in fear perception, with female participants exhibiting a higher sensitivity to fear stimuli. However, the preference for different types of horror games was not solely dominated by males; it varied depending on factors such as the game’s pace, its objectives, and the nature of the fear stimulant.

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