Waveguide holography for 3D augmented reality glasses

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PubDate: Jan 2024

Teams:Reality Labs Research;Seoul National University

Writers:Changwon Jang, Kiseung Bang, Minseok Chae, Byoungho Lee & Douglas Lanman

PDF:Waveguide holography for 3D augmented reality glasses


Near-eye displays are fundamental technology in the next generation computing platforms for augmented reality and virtual reality. However, there are remaining challenges to deliver immersive and comfortable visual experiences to users, such as compact form factor, solving vergence-accommodation conflict, and achieving a high resolution with a large eyebox. Here we show a compact holographic near-eye display concept that combines the advantages of waveguide displays and holographic displays to overcome the challenges towards true 3D holographic augmented reality glasses. By modeling the coherent light interactions and propagation via the waveguide combiner, we demonstrate controlling the output wavefront using a spatial light modulator located at the input coupler side. The proposed method enables 3D holographic displays via exit-pupil expanding waveguide combiners, providing a large software-steerable eyebox. It also offers additional advantages such as resolution enhancement capability by suppressing phase discontinuities caused by pupil replication process. We build prototypes to verify the concept with experimental results and conclude the paper with discussion.

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