The Effect of Posture on Virtual Walking Experience Using Foot Vibrations

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PubDate: March 2023

Teams:Toyohashi University of Technology;The University of Tokyo

Writers:Junya Nakamura,Yasushi Ikei,Michiteru Kitazaki

PDF:The Effect of Posture on Virtual Walking Experience Using Foot Vibrations


The virtual walking systems that do not involve physical movement of the legs has the advantage of being able to be experienced while seated or supine. The sensation of virtual walking can be effectively elicited through the combination of optic flow and rhythmic foot vibrations. However, the effects of posture have yet to be fully understood. In light of this, the present study sought to investigate the effects of posture (standing, sitting, and lying supine) on the virtual walking experience utilizing foot vibrations and optic flow. Our hypothesis posited that the synchronization of foot vibrations would augment the walking sensation even in a seated or supine position. Our findings indicate that synchronized foot vibrations produced the sensation of virtual walking in all three postures, with the standing posture eliciting the strongest virtual walking sensation. No significant differences were observed between the sitting and supine postures. These results suggest that virtual walking systems utilizing foot vibrations have the potential to provide a certain degree of walking experience even for individuals unable to leave their bed.

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